A Multi-Legged Creature


A Multi-Legged Creature is reborn! It was created by yours truly in the early aughts, lovingly hand-coded on notepad. More may be added later!

titC's Trekkin' Place. Yes, Star Trek, the Original Series, in all its unparalleled, cheesy, sometimes slashy, but always unforgettable glory.
English-speaking website.
/!\ This website is OLD! So, please keep this in mind as you browse. Pics are not described, the menu is quite old-fashioned, etc. Some links have been updated (email, and AO3 instead of LJ for feedback), but it's as close to what it used to be as possible. This is mostly a nod to my old (well, young ;-) self, and born out of a desire to preserve a fanwork of love that is now almost two decades old and that still makes me snicker after all this time! /!\


If you wish to contact the mantainer of the site, you can send a mail at amultileggedcreature@gmail.com.
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